World AIDS Day: Fact vs. Fiction

In light of the recent World AIDS Day on December 1st, writer Nicholas Persaud takes a closer look at the disease and dispels facts from fiction.

11 Tips for Living a Happier and Healthier Life

Natalia Brokate Take Time for Yourself Eat a meal alone. Read a book. Fly a kite. Seriously, anything works. Just do it. I guarantee that you will feel refreshed after spending time alone with your thoughts. According to Dr. Reed Larson from the University of Illinois, alone time plays a constructive role in daily life…

Vaccine Delivery: Reaching New Heights

Writer Tiffany Pham details the use of drones to deliver vaccines to otherwise inaccessible regions. This cost and time efficient mode of transport has the potential to make a considerable impact on the future of healthcare and global health.

Is Surgery the Stepchild of Global Public Health?

By: Nina Rodriguez Surgery is a medical service typically not on the agenda for global healthcare advocates.  However, inadequate surgical care and scarce access to anesthesia is a serious issue in low-income and middle-income countries, such as Uganda.  It is a matter that is severely overshadowed by other more discussed crises.  In fact, Paul E. Farmer…

Jet-Lag and Implications with Cancer

By: Noah Beattie-Moss The circadian rhythm, a 24-hour oscillation of physiological processes based on the day/night cycle, is vital for maintaining homeostasis of the body. Long-term disruption of this rhythm can have serious side-effects, as it has been implicated in tumorgenesis and cancer development. Women who work night shifts have been shown to have a…